Friday, 1 July 2011

Gone AWOL !!!

Hi everyone

I'm sorry that I've been absent for a few days, and sadly I'm not going to be able to craft for a day or two yet.Yesterday I had my annual visit to the Hospital for my RA Consultation and ended up having the knuckles on my left hand injected as they were badly swollen and painful.Thank goodness I can type and do most things with one hand, but crafting is not one of them!! I hope my hand will loosen up in a couple of days,so as soon as I'm able, "I'll Be Back" !!!! All I can do is relax and watch the tennis.....OH DEAR!

I would like to take this opportunity though,and thank everyone who has become one of my followers,and say that I hope you like what you see, and for everyone who has left me a comment, I thank you for your time and encouragement.

Hope to be back soon


  1. Let's hope for a speedy recovery Bev as your presence will be missed.:)Sandra H

  2. Oh Bev! Hope you're feeling a bit better soon. But I know you'll be enjoying the tennis and hope to see you back soon! Vx


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