Friday, 23 August 2013

AWOL Again!

Hi All.

I have some bad news I'm afraid, I may be off line for a while as my Mum is in hospital with Meningitis! She will be 70 on Saturday so she's not very happy, but we'll do what we can to keep her spirits up.

I hope that I can get back to crafting very soon.

Bev x


  1. Hi Bev, sorry to hear your mum's not well. Hope she recovers soon. Hugs to you both, Sue x

  2. Oh that's so sad to hear l'm sending lots of love and a speedy recovery for your mum take care xx

  3. Hope your Mum gets better soon Bev ands is able to celebrate her birthday
    Vak x

  4. So sorry to hear your news Bev and I do hope your mum recovers quickly. Hugs, Vicky x


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