Thursday, 29 August 2013

VW Camper in clay

Today, I have something completely different to show you, and which I am entering in to the challenge at Make My Monday where they want ANYTHING BUT A CARD

My Sisters fiance, Russell, is VW Camper van crazy and owns a bright red one. I thought I would make them a house plate for Christmas out of Sculpey clay ( Cass don't let Russ see this post! ). I also made some dinosaur fossils for Nathan out of the scraps. 

The VW badge was the hardest thing to do, and in the end after 3 or 4 attempts, and fails, to cut the waste away, I made it in situ with a long and fine roll of clay. 

I made the scraps into a Sabre Tooth Tigers fang, a footprint, and a pendant. I haven't decided yet whether to varnish them or not, but I think the Camper van will need it to withstand the elements in winter. I'll put some leather cord through the holes of the rest so they can be hung from a zip or bag. 

Thanks for dropping by, and hope you can call back again soon


  1. Oh wow this will be well aproved xx

  2. Absolutely brilliant Bev! What an amazing copy of the VW van, love it:) Fossils are great too.
    Val x

  3. Oh My Goodness! This is fantastic! I was so impressed with your VW and the emblem would have been really hard to do I agree. Your nephew is going to be so impressed with his Sabre Tooth Tiger Tooth too.


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