Friday, 9 September 2011

Steampunk ATC

Yaaaaaaaay,   OMG !!!!!  I cant believe it...........................I made top 3 over at      Make My Monday challenge  again, and I won their monthly prize of Candy.

Thank you so much DT, and a very big 'thank you' to Suzanne for the candy she donated.....not wishing to make you all very jealous, here's what the lovely prize was with the DT Congrats card

I must say Hello and welcome to Lindsay a new follower, and I hope you like some of the things you see on my blog

I'm sorry that I've been AWOL since Sunday, but you would not believe my bad luck this week. Before I bore you with my woes, I'll show you the only thing I've managed to craft so far this week.

Over at   Make My Monday challenge  their theme this month is Steampunk. I am so far out of my comfort zone with this genre it baffled me for quite a while. This week its all about an ATC, so I thought as it's small ( and I've got to start somewhere) I'd give it a go, and here is the result

I started with a cream ATC sized card and covered it in a Vintage French Automotive patterned paper. On this I stuck a torn picture of the French Auto club poster after sponging the edges with distress ink.
I then added a female image and 2 old Vintage racing cars. A wooden cornice was stamped and heat embossed, as was the word 'discover', and some little metal cogs were added to give the ATC some dimension. I hope you like it?

Recipe : Card = Cream from my stash
Inks = SU Basic Black, Versamark  and Tim Holtz Tea Dye distress pad
Stamps = The Paris stamp from French Foliage, Strength and Hope, Fiskars
Extras = Design papers I've had in my stash for years, Black embossing powders, and little cogs I found in the garage??

Now the boring details of my bad week. ( please skip the next rambling paragraph if you don't want to be bored rigid)

Monday was not good as I was still feeling frail after my treatment, and was a weak as a kitten. Then it all started going wrong on Tuesday when I got stung by a wasp right in my cleavage. Not only this, but it stung me while driving and I flicked the body away but didn't see where it went, so I stopped the car and got out ( almost getting knocked down by a speeding motorbike) shaking my top in order to find the angry insect, but to no avail. On arriving at my friends a few minutes later, I again was searching my clothing outside her house and spotted the wasp...................OMG, it had fallen between my boobs and was buzzing angrily at me from the bottom of my bra!!!???  So picture this.........there I was clothes awry with my hand down my bra retrieving this insect with a tissue, when my friends husband came out to help carry my craft bags in!! I could have died with embarrassment on the spot! Anyway, then satisfied that my attacker was now dead, I went in and sat gossiping and drinking coffee as usual for a Tuesday, all the while the sting was getting more painful and becoming a red inflamed lump. ( I must explain here, before you think me a terrible drama queen, that because of my  RA treatment I have no natural immune system, and my body cannot fight infections OR STINGS like a normal person). As the day went on the lump got bigger and more painful, so when I got home I saw my neighbour Gordon ( my elderly neighbour whom I take shopping every Tuesday ) and blamed him as he has a wasps nest in his garden. However, while stood talking to him I saw some wasps fly to and from my roof!!!  cutting a long story short, there was a very large nest in MY loft, and when my step dad Dave, got up there to see what was going on, he got attacked by a swarm of the insects, but luckily not stung. So pest man was contacted and Monty shifted off to mums so he wouldn't get stung, as by now they were very annoyed that someone had disturbed their peace. Wednesday, the pest man did his thing with his powder ( and I now need a bank loan to pay his bill) and I went off to my sisters to fetch mum. En route, I stopped at my friends in Worcester to give her some stuff that I'd ordered for her online ( she's a technophobe and wont touch computers) and while reversing off her drive, my car had an argument with a little low wall, and lost!!! AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH.  Yesterday I went back to hospital to see the Rhuematology practice nurse and it was confirmed that my treatment is no longer effective, so I am having to start a new IV drip from USA as soon as possible, so I'm waiting for an appointment!! Then lastly, this morning I see that there are still wasps going in and out of my loft so the pest man has got to come back, but cant until Monday, so no windows open and no going out for Monty unless he needs to ( do his business, that is). My lump has gone down now but has left a big bruise which looks like a love bite and is more embarrassing then the red lump!!!!!

Phew, that took some typing!!

I'm going for a lie down in a dark room now, and hopefully I'll be back in the crafting saddle soon.

Thanks for dropping by


  1. Many congratulations on your win enjoy your prize very well done!!:) Sandra H

  2. Oh my goodness Bev! That is one Bad Monday! Hope the wasps have now gone and your lump too. Hope the new RA treatment goes well too - I am constantly amazed at how you just seem to take all this in your stride. Big congratulations at winning the MMM prize - I hope it made you feel better! Love your steampunk ATC - it's always a fun challenge at MMM! Vx

  3. Great ATC--good job! It was my first time doing steampunk, too! It was a little nerve wracking, wasn't it?! :D

  4. Hi Bev, first of all congratulations on your MMM success! well done.
    Your firat time Steampunk is fabulous!
    So sorry you've had such a bad time during the week... hope you're feeling better now... also hope the new treatment is a success.
    Than you for joining the Make My Monday challenge.
    Suzi B xx

  5. You had a good go at getting out of the comfort zone - great ATC

  6. Well done with your first week of steampunk, a few more weeks to follow. I'm pleased you enjoyed the cahllenge from Make My Monday. Sorry about your week. Caz

  7. Fabulous atc Bev, you've really risen to the challenge.
    So sorry to hear about your week from hell though and hope the coming one is better for you.
    Thanks so much for joining in with our Make My Monday steampunk atc challenge and good luck.
    Fliss x


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