Saturday, 13 August 2011

GREMLINS !! ?? !!

Hi friends

I cannot explain what has been going on with my Blog over the last 10 days or so, but some how it was corrupted and I couldn't leave anybody comments, or create posts etc.

For the last 2 days Jacqueline, her husband Clive, and her son Will, have all tried to solve the issue without much success, so this afternoon Will set up another blog for me in Google Chrome.

I've just got home, and I cant explain it but it looks like I CAN now leave a post here on my original blog??????

I'm sorry for any inconveniences caused, and please be patient with me as I will try to get back to normal asap!!!!

 Who said technology was a good thing???



  1. I am singing the Twilight Zone music! (You're probably way too young to remember this and if so please ignore me!) I've been wondering where you'd got to though! Vx

  2. It must of been one of those days that lasted longer than a day but hopefully all is sorted:) Sandra H


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